About Us

Ironically, common sense has never been all that common. If it were, banks would only sell you what you need. Everything would be fair, without all of the fine print. And, when your banker looked at you, they wouldn’t just see a number, they’d see a dad, or a mom, or a graduate, or a business owner. That’s why at National Bank Holdings Corporation we understand the complexities of people’s lives and offer simple solutions. We call it banking with common sense, and we invite you to do the same.


Our Beliefs

  • We believe common sense is more than just banking.
  • We believe in finding financial solutions that cater specifically to your needs.
  • We believe in your future, and are invested in helping you get there. That means looking at you and not seeing a number, but rather the dad, mom, graduate, business owner, or entrepreneur that you are.
  • We believe life is complex enough, and banking should be simple.
  • We believe in straight talk, personal attention, and sensible, clear decisions from real people. No jibber jabber, no smoke and mirrors and no passing the buck.
  • We believe that personal attention should come from real people. Not a machine.

If this is what you believe in, then you’re definitely right for us. And we might be the right bank for you.

We’re uniting with other companies to lead the charge on diversity and inclusion. Read more about the CEO Action for Diversity & Inclusion. Please watch the video below for an example of how we’re promoting diversity and inclusion within our culture.


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Our Community Service

We’ve been told time again that getting the fundamentals right is the best way we can help the community. But we’re not satisfied with that answer. We’d like to help in other ways too. That’s why as a bank and as individuals, we put aside some time and money to help out. Here are a few things we do.

We help people understand money.

It’s just common sense that people who understand what they’re signing make better decisions, so we dedicate a portion of our time to providing financial education to our clients and the public. We also support institutions and other efforts in the community to improve people’s understanding of financial products and how they work.

We help people find work.

If you want to work, we think you should be able to work. So we are dedicated to helping those who want to work get the jobs they are looking for. Not only do we hire a diverse range of local people ourselves, but we also volunteer for and support organizations that help people get back on their feet and move forward with their plans.

We help people find quality housing.

Without affordable housing, it’s hard for people to get back on their feet and find the jobs they’re looking for. That’s why, in addition to providing financing for individual homes and developments, we also support organizations that provide quality low-income housing.