Getting to know data security terminology is just another way to prepare and protect yourself from scammers. Check out some key terms below!

  • Phishing: Unsolicited emails containing malicious content, including links to websites
    • Spear Phishing: Personalized emails, indicting a level of research on the target was performed to help ensure the email appears legitimate
  • Vishing: Unsolicited phone calls attempting to gain information. These calls may even have individuals visit malicious websites
  • Smishing: Unsolicited text messages that may contain a scam website or phone number 
  • Pharming: The tactic of redirecting a user to a spoofed website that mimics the appearance of a legitimate one
Regardless what tactic a scammer is using, the key defense remains the same: Do not engage with unknown individuals and organizations and never give out your personal information to anyone.
If you ever suspect fraudulent activity on your account, please call your local banker, stop by a banking center, or contact our VIP access line to speak to our Client Services & Solutions team at . For more information on protecting your identity, please visit our security section of our website.